Here’s the deal.


  • Read “How to Kill it at Work in 7 Steps!”

  • Figured out the seats on your bus.

  • Leveraged your strengths.

  • Had fierce conversations.

  • Worked over your mentors.

CONGRATULATIONS! That’s probably why you’ve been called a “high potential” or you recently got promoted.

So what’s with the uncertainty? Don’t you have it all figured out by now? Doesn’t reading books and asking people who see me once a month help me win? Would it help an elite athlete?

Here’s the deal… the best way for you to relax and move forward with confidence is for us to climb inside your head. Together. Then you can make a plan that makes sense.

No, it’s not therapy. Yes, it’s liberating. Because once you know the subconscious thoughts that drive your autopilot behavior, you’ll know WHY you lead the way you do…

  • Why you get pissed off when other people don’t follow through.

  • Have no patience for the person that has to really take time to process.

  • See why you gravitate towards your peers who always agree with you and ignore the rest.

I’ll gather feedback - you’ll get it raw - not in a bullet survey. We’ll work with an I/O psychologist (not as scary as it sounds) to get a good picture of your emotional intelligence.

And here is the cool part.

For the first time you will understand WHY you are getting the feedback you are getting and have the power to change what doesn’t work and make sure you keep what does.

And that, my friend, is the difference.