For the past 12 years, I have had the privilege of coaching over 200 leaders, in person and virtually, from Seattle to Austin to Atyrau. All of my clients have been on a successful path and are facing a change that is challenging the way they lead. They are learners and crave direct insight and feedback with a clear plan of action.

How we’ll work together

We’ll meet for 90 minute sessions in 2 week increments over the course of 6 months. Process includes assessments and homework between sessions. We’ll meet virtually via Zoom or in person.


Lay the foundation, Set Goals and Measure

  • Client Launch Meeting and Induction

  • Boss/Sponsor Conversation


You’ll discover how and why you behave the way you do through…

  • Mental Model Identification (see below)

  • 360 Feedback

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment


Time to Dive in! I’ll…

  • Coach you through the creation of your development plan

  • Help you remove barriers/obstacles to plan and provide just-in-time coaching

  • Conduct a final measurement - did you make the progress you intended?

  • Help you Plan for what's next.

Linda’s process has made me more aware of things I was doing subconsciously. She’s helped me identify and quantify my subconscious behaviors, through a process of gathering feedback from my team and other work. I’m now aware of habits and behaviors I’d never thought about. I understand where those behaviors came from and how ingrained they were.
— Doug Ulman, President and CEO, Pelotonia

MORE ON Mental Models

Have you ever heard someone say - I don’t know why I act that way. That’s just who I am!

Well, there’s a reason why we act the way we do. We all have “auto-pilot” behavior and the good news? We all have the power to change it if it isn’t working for us. That’s where Mental Models come in…

A Mental Model is an explanation of someone's thought process about how something works in the real world. Mental models are formed through someone’s life experiences and guides that person’s perceptions and behaviors. They are the subconscious thinking tools helping each individual understand life, make decisions, and solve problems.

Identifying Mental Models can help a leader deeply understand how she or he behaves and how that impacts others and results; thereby giving the leader the power to adjust and achieve different results if desired.