It all started when…

Sylvia joined a new company with aggressive growth goals. After six months, she knew a new strategy was in order. But how could she do that, include everyone and drive the change she was hired to make?

Her broader organization was fractured. Well-meaning, but fractured. They were excited for a new leader, but also a bit scared. What would it mean for them?

Her peers, the CEO, the board - expected change.

We started with her direct reports - the heart of her organization. All executives themselves. They were all experts in their areas, but weren’t working as a team. It was critical that they were champions - authentic champions of the change.

Much like the 1:1 coaching, we assessed her organization and put a plan in place. Through full organizational workshops and coaching sessions she delivered - results.

A fully articulated strategy built on the collaboration of her team and buy-in from her peers, oh yeah, and her boss the CEO. Impressive.

Today? She’s still working that strategy. Only she doesn’t own it. Her whole organization does. Because they created it with her. It’s not always easy, but everyone is in it together - ensuring collective success.