Like a Meerkat - you’ve popped your head up and out. You see there’s a whole world of possibilities out there.

But like most of us, you just pop back down and go back to work.

The path from now to possible seems impossible.

Like clockwork, every 9 years-ish, we all have a need to explore, to push, to grow. 2007 was one of my Meerkat Moments. I was at the end of a ten year adventure at Starbucks. I had small kids, had moved across the country and wondered - what did I want my life and career to look like and how could I get there while still knowing I had bills and mouths to feed? From that came my process where I work with my clients to determine their next adventure - pragmatically.

How we’ll work together

We’ll meet for ten, one-hour career coaching sessions conducted in flexible 2-3 week increments over the course of 3 to 4 months. Process includes assessments and homework between sessions. We’ll meet virtually via Zoom or in person.


You’ll discover where you are both performing at your best and most fulfilled. The cross-section of proficiency and passion. Then we’ll discover what environmental conditions must exist for your strengths to thrive. This includes not only where, but what you require.


Now that you’ve become clear about the work you want to do and the ideal environment, it’s time to design a succinct “job brief.” This will be your guiding source your actions whether your researching, networking, or interviewing.


You're ready to work your plan. I'll offer just-in-time coaching as well as regular touch bases to support you as you carry out your plan to your next great adventure!