Executive Coaching

For six months I’ll guide you through an experience where you will release what is holding you back, embrace the insight that will move you forward and build the wisdom to know the difference.



Lay the foundation, Set Goals and Measure

  • Client Launch Meeting and Induction

  • Boss/Sponsor Conversation



Discover how and why you behave the way you do

  • Mental Model Identification (see below)

  • 360 Interviews

  • Emotional Intelligence Blueprint

  • Development Plan

  • Mid 3-way meeting with your boss to* align on learning and coaching goals



Set on your new path

  • Coach through your development plan

  • Help remove barriers/obstacles to plan

  • Just-in-time coaching

  • Final 3-way meeting with your boss

  • Final Measurement - did you make the progress you hoped? Plan for what's next.

Strategy Consulting


Some leaders might say I'm the secret sauce. That unique something that amplifies the flavor that already exists.

Through my unique process, we’ll bring together your leaders in a way that lets them shine, design and decide their direction. We’ll do this through a series of interviews, collaborative workshops and coaching. The result? A winning strategy that EVERYONE owns.

Linda was able to help my team create a vision and a strategy through a collaborative process. Together we created our vision, and then identified the pillars to support it. As a result, the whole team has ownership and sees the long-term vision as theirs, not just mine as the leader. They own the vision and deliver against it. It’s freeing for them. Linda helped put a process and a structure in place for a group of people who hadn’t previously built vision and strategy in a collaborative way. After working with my HR team, Linda did the same vision work with the IT function.
— Christine Deputy, CHRO, Nordstrom