It all started when…

Kate was promoted. She was pumped. She had been working towards this role for the last year. She “made it!”

Kate was a “hi-po” in her company. She sought out opportunities to show she could lead at the level required for the role. She interviewed and everyone agreed, she was the one.

I got the promotion! Oh #$%&! I got the promotion. Now I need to deliver. And fast.

Kate called me to coach and guide her as she tackled this new level leadership. She was now leading leaders - they didn’t need to be told what to do. And the pressure for her to work more across the organization and align with her peers was critical.

She was no longer directing her people and presenting solutions to the executives. She is now the executive.

With my help, she stepped into her new position with willingness to learn - letting her team and others know that while she was ready, she was new and she wanted to be intentional.

She spent the first six months really setting herself up for success for the years ahead.

Today? She’s the CTO of a competitor. She remains a life long learner as a leader and keeps her coach close. ;)